DONATIONS: Updates from Migrante International (Sept 29)

Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 10:09:51 AM

Dear all,

We have decided to give you quick brief updates so you can also monitor the ongoing relief operations.

Today, September 29, we provided a community kitchen (a la soup) kitchen to 600 individuals in Brgy. Holy Spirit where  93 of our memebrs were affected. We also distributed  165 bags of goods containing rice, canned goods and bottled water.

On thursday, October 1, we will be going to conduct our relief operations in Munoz Caloocan where the creek washed out an estimate of over a hundred houses. This is where a staff of the MSP– Mak Ramirez lives. His house was also washed out.

On the same day, we will also be joining a MAKABAYAN team, which is composed of all progressive partylists (BM,GWP,AP,KP,MSP,ACT,COURAGE,Katribu), to conduct clean-up operations in Makati. As you are probably aware (from media), the floods left the whole city deep in mud. Many of our organized communities, especially from AP and Kadamay are here.

On October 5, another MAKABAYAN team will also be conducting a medical mission.

We are trying to come up with a systematic plans of relief operations do not duplicate what government and other ngos, cxhurch instis etc… are doing. We are targeting those areas which are not being shown on TV- those areas which seem to have been forgotten and no help has still been reached. We will be coordinating with other organizations like Kadamay whose communities were also badly hit. We are all trying to double al our efforts and come up with a quic response team as, according to the weather bureau, another cyclone, will hit the Philippines tonight or tomorrow..

To date, the support has started coming– locally and internationally. As mentioned earlier, our chapter in Taiwan has already sent some support. Migrante Melbourne has just informed us that they already sent initial support. Our chapters in the Middle East, Hongkong, New Zealand, Canada and Mig Europe have already started their solicitation campaigns.

We are also starting a hotline for all your relatives who you need to contact or check. We are still waiting for the contact numbers.

Rest assured that we will be giving you prompt and brief updates and a complete accounting of all your support, including photo documentation.

Para lang makaabot sa inyo ang taos-pusong pasasalamat ng mga natulungan ninyo, ang sabi nga ng isang taga-Holy Spirit kanina — “tunay na bayani nga ang ating mga ofws– kahit sila ay puno ng problema, nakakatulong pa din sila sa kanilang mga kababayan, nagpapamalas ng tunay na pagmamalasakit sa bayan.”


Namamalagi, in behalf of the execom,


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