September 28, 2009

Reference: Terrie Cervas, Sisters of Gabriela, Awaken! (SiGAw), 213.270.4982,

Los Angeles Filipinas Celebrate 25 Years of Women’s Resistance and Call for Aid for Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

Sunday, October 4, 2009 will mark the first all-female performance, art showcase, and marketplace event for the Los Angeles-based chapter of GABRIELA-USA and member organization of BAYAN-USA, Sisters of Gabriela, Awaken! (SiGAw). The event entitled, HERSPECTIVE, will be held at Juanita’s Restaurant (5930 York Blvd) in Highland Park, CA 90042 from 5:00pm-9:00pm. $10 donations will be accepted.

HERSPECTIVE will be a fundraiser to support SiGAw’s mother organization, GABRIELA-Philippines, in the celebration of the 25th year anniversary of the largest mass-based women’s alliance in the Philippines. For the past 25 years, GABRIELA has worked tirelessly to empower women, advance women’s rights, and fight against injustices and violence against women and children in the Philippines. The celebrations will include the 10th Congress of the organization on October 25th-27th, as well as a Grand Reunion on October 28th, which is in conjunction with the National Filipino Women’s Day of Protest. HERSPECTIVE, an all-ages event, will feature the talents of hip hop DJs Em-1 and Michelle Q, emcee Peklat, poet Dyana Bui, singer Marie Ceralvo, and more, as well as Los Angeles-based visual artists and vendors. HERSPECTIVE was created as a space to celebrate women, their lives, and their stories, which are often unheard.

In addition to fundraising for GABRIELA-Philippines, monetary donations will be accepted towards relief efforts for victims of Typhoon Ondoy (Tropical Storm Ketsana). Ondoy broke ground in Manila and the surrounding districts (25 in total) on September 26, 2009, with the heaviest rainfall recorded, followed by the worst flooding in 40 years. There are at least 100 dead or missing and 435,000 victims who are homeless, injured or have lost all of their belongings. There are still as least 1 million people without electricity. Video and photographic footage of the city recall devastating memories of Hurricane Katrina. To further put the calamitous situation into perspective, the effects of Katrina’s flooding measured at 380mm (12.467ft) of water, Ondoy at 410mm (13.451ft).

Similar to Hurricane Katrina and the Bush administration’s response (or lack thereof), President Arroyo’s lack of preparation and priority to acquire hundreds of rubber boats (officials have already admitted there were only13 rubber boats in total), amphibian vehicles, dump trucks, and thousands of life vests and food/medicine kits for families who are trapped on rooftops has led to a humanitarian crisis. SiGAw finds it imperative to act swiftly to assist these families, women and children in this dire time of need.

Join SiGAw in our celebration of 25 years of women’s resistance and in our efforts to assist families in the Philippines. ###


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