EVENTS: MAJOR “FUNDRAISER” + Guest DJ FUZE (digital Underground)


With the wake of all the tragedies striking INDONESIA, SAMOA, TONGA & PHILIPPINES, we would like to send our prayers and thought to all those that have lost a loved one.

MAJOR + SOMAR BAR + BAYAN USA get together to fundraise for the Victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines.

We will be taking donations in form of Money, Clothing, Medicine & Canned Food. Money and Medicine goes a long way but we welcome Clothing and Food.

If you can’t make it Donations can be made online at or given to your local member organization of BAYAN-USA or directly deposited into the following account:
Bank: Chase
Account Name: BAYAN-USA
Account Number: 340-209749-3
Please make checks payable to “BAYAN-USA.”

We are also Excited to have
DJ FUZE (Digital Underground/Luniz/Extra Stout)

THE LEGENDARY PARTYROCKER falls thru to CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY with the MÄJOR fam. And it’s indigenous people’s day holiday, so we’re off Monday so we need to come strong for a good cause and because we got NO WORK MONDAY!!!.

as always your good host’s
DJ MPENZI + j s i g h t!!!!


One Response

  1. Pinoy Hope Foundation (H-elping O-ther P-eople E-veryday) would like to collaborate with your organization.

    Let us work together to help more Filipinos devastated by this catastrophic typhoon.

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