EVENTS: Metro Honda Ondoy Relief Event (24 October 2009)


On the last week of September 2009, Typhoon Ondoy hit the Northern Philippines leaving most of the country’s capital and surrounding regions submerged in water. Severe flooding resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives that continues to increase daily, causing displacement of thousands of people. Typhoon Ondoy recorded the highest amount of rainfall ever to hit the Philippines since the country started recording rainfall levels in 1967. It even exceeded the rainfall level of Hurricane Katrina.

Metro Honda of Jersey City extended its helping hand to the Filipino community in sponsoring a relief event last October 24th, 2009, 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Metro teamed up with local drop off sites associated with NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns) to demonstrate its empathy with the Filipino community. Donations (clothes, blankets, medical supplies, can foods, monetary) were received at the event and free food and drinks were offered to those who came down to support the cause. The event was held in the front lot of Metro Honda: 540 Rt. 440 N Jersey City, NJ 07305.

IMG_2925IMG_2932IMG_2934IMG_2933IMG_2931IMG_2930IMG_2929IMG_2928IMG_2927IMG_2926Handing Over Donations to NAFCON Reps


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