450 Relief Boxes from U.S. East Coast: SENT! (NAFCON/SanDiwa’s Bayanihan for Disaster Relief Campaign Continues)

27 January 2010

REFERENCE: Jonna Baldres, Migrante International Coordinator for US East Coast, filipinocenter@gmail.com, (718)5658862

450 Relief Boxes from U.S. East Coast: SENT!
NAFCON/SanDiwa’s Bayanihan for Disaster Relief Campaign Continues

NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY – On January 19, just as news were received that the relief boxes from the US West Coast arrived on the doorstep of Migrante International in the Philippines, US East Coast — New York and New Jersey chapters of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) and its youth arm, Sandiwa National Alliance of Filipino-American Youth — sent off some 450 relief boxes to be shipped to the Philippines on the same day!

“After nearly four months of struggling, and eventually, claiming victories, against the restrictions and repressive policies of the Philippine government on relief donations, NAFCON has once again proven that with collective action, the Filipino community will triumph,” said Nicholas Cordero of Philippine Forum-New Jersey, a member organization of NAFCON in the East Coast.

In September 2009, upon learning that typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines, NAFCON and SanDiwa immediately gathered to launch its Bayanihan for Typhoon Ondoy Disaster Relief Campaign nationwide. Migrante International was identified to become the recipient of NAFCON and SanDiwa’s continued relief efforts, as it has proven to genuinely address the issues of Filipino migrants and, more importantly, their families in the Philippines. With the banding together of the whole Filipino community and friends from all over the United States, fundraising activities and collection of donations began right away, gathering about $15,000 in monetary relief, and more than 500 relief boxes in the East Coast — including food, clothes, medicines, blankets and other material donations.

“Three more typhoons hit the Philippines since Ondoy and the Mayon volcano just erupted in December. In light of all these calamities, the Bayanihan for Disaster Relief Campaign continues as long as the relief has not reached disaster victims, and we, the youth from SanDiwa, together with our mother alliance, NAFCON, will keep close watch and make sure that these donations will not go to corrupted hands,” said Anne Beryl Corotan, SanDiwa chairperson based in New York.

In the course of the relief campaign, NAFCON, SanDiwa and their member organizations all over the US have also led in fighting for the lifting of the ban on used clothing and dropping of taxes on relief by the Philippine government, and lastly, for Migrante International to receive and distribute the donations to affected communities. The campaign did not only focus on collection of donations and creatively fundraising for shipping but also took up the responsibility of challenging the policies of the Philippine government and exposing its inefficiency that caused the loss and displacement of thousands of its people in these tragedies. Community meetings and actions were also held to educate, gather and express the sentiments of the members of the community.

“As long as natural and man-made disasters keep coming to our beloved country and the Philippine government does not take steps to address these, and instead, imposes unreasonable policies preventing our overseas kababayans from sending help to our loved ones back home, we will continue to fight,” said Yves Nibungco, chairperson of the youth group Anakbayan New York/New Jersey and member organization of SanDiwa.

Out of the 530+ relief boxes, ninety-five more were left (New York and New Jersey combined) as the container could not fit any more boxes. NAFCON East Coast will be calling for a community forum within the next few days for the community to decide on what to do with the rest of the boxes. The boxes sent are expected to arrive in Manila by mid to end of February.

On March 7, a victory celebration for the relief campaign will be held as the Filipino community in New York also celebrates the second anniversary of the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center in Queens. Member organizations, volunteers and everyone who helped in the relief efforts are all invited to join in the celebration of the Filipino’s insurmountable strength, resilience and collective action amidst great battle and tragedy, leading to successes of the whole community.

For more information and for continuous coverage of the Bayanihan for Disaster Relief Campaign, please visit www.bayanihan4ondoy.wordpress.com.



More photos from this link: http://s382.photobucket.com/albums/oo261/jonnabaldres/NAFCON_Bayanihan_relief_sendoff_19Jan2010/

IMG_1971.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Storage in New York being emptied of ‘Bayanihan for Disaster Relief’ boxes

IMG_1997.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Loading ‘Bayanihan for Disaster Relief’ boxes into the container truck from New York storage

IMG_2002.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Volunteers done loading 230+ New York
‘Bayanihan for Disaster Relief’ boxes!

IMG_2008.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

New Jersey ‘Bayanihan for Disaster Relief’ boxes lined up for loading

IMG_2060.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Volunteers load New Jersey ‘Bayanihan for Disaster Relief’
boxes into container truck

IMG_2062.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Volunteers practice true “Bayanihan” spirit
as they load relief boxes into container truck

IMG_2066.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Around 450 ‘Bayanihan for Disaster Relief’ boxes sent off to the Philippines!

IMG_2069.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Container truck on the way to ship ‘Bayanihan for Disaster Relief’ boxes to the Philippines!

IMG_1970.jpg picture by jonnabaldres

Packing list ready as early as December 2009


ANNOUNCEMENTS: 10/14 – Pulong Bayan (Community Meeting) in New York for typhoon victims

Last September 26, it was Ondoy (international name Ketsena). Barely a month later, typhoon Pepeng (international name Parma) hit the Northern part of the Philippines and has already been reported to claim the lives of 247 people as of October 11.

The National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) and SanDiwa National Alliance of Fil-Am Youth invite the Filipino community and supporters in New York and its surrounding areas to take part in a discussion on how we can further help our kababayans back home and how we can respond and help out as a community though we are miles away.

The Philippine government’s directives on relief efforts from abroad and how they affect the goodwill of Filipinos, supporters, and people’s organizations who only wanted to help the typhoon victims will also be discussed further.

The community meeting in New York will be held at the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center (40-21 69th Street, Woodside, NY 11377) on Wednesday, October 14, 630pm. See you there!

For more information, please contact Jonna @ (646)5787390 or Anne Beryl @ (516)9011832 or email at sandiwa.national@gmail.com.

Thank you and God bless!

For the Filipino people,
Bayanihan Typhoon Disaster Relief Team
National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) and
SanDiwa National Alliance of Fil-Am Youth

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Help and Volunteers Needed.

Hello kababayans,

Hope everybody’s doing well. We just want to express our utmost gratitude to everybody for joining this cause and/ or by donating their stuff.

Again, We are asking for the community’s help and involvement. We need volunteers and certain materials.


1)Balikabayan Boxes -for the sorting and packing of Material Donations (it’s starting to overflow at the Kalusugan Coalition office and at the Bayanihan Center where we temporarily store them)

2)Duct tapes/packaging tape- for packing the boxes. We wanna make sure that the materials inside are safe and sound.


1)Out of Jersey City pick up- we need folks who are willing/available to drive down to locations where there’s a need to pick up material donations and drop them off to our main storage in Jersey City which is at the Kalusugan Coalition office (591 Summit Ave, Jersey City)

2)Sorting and Packing- we need folks to sort and pack stuff at the storage place. If folks are down to volunteer for this one, just let us know. It’ll be at 591 Summit Ave. 4th floor Suite 413 Jersey City, NJ 07304

Other needs

1)A free or cheap venue for benefit shows- if you know some place where we can set up benefit show for free or even for a low price (since we don’t have a budget) please share them to us so that we can start putting up our benefit shows (ex. band concerts, open mics, etc)

For more information, please contact Yves Nibungco (201)6213156 or email us at anakbayan.nynj@gmail.com also, please visit bayanihan4ondoy.wordpress.com

Thank you so much and God bless us all!

DONATIONS: Amount Raised for Bayanihan for Typhoon Ondoy Disaster Relief (Batch 1)


(As of 04 October 2009)






As soon as cheques are encashed and as soon as we have collected the funds raised from the Halo-Halo Cabaret Performance last Saturday, we will be sending the monetary support straight to Migrante International, our partner alliance facilitating the relief efforts in the Philippines. We will be updating this page again within the week so please stand by for more details.



In our first week of collections Oct1(Thur)-Oct 5(Mon) FCC received:

$3458.19 in cash donations received at FCC in San Francisco
$1423.50 in checks written to Lakas Diwa
P1000 in cash ($22, based on P46 = $1)




GRAND TOTAL: $7465.70


Thank you very much!

Please find list of donors here (for monetary support) and here (for material support).

ANNOUNCEMENTS: More Balikbayan Boxes Needed!

Hello everyone!

If you have spare balikbayan boxes or if you can donate some, kindly bring them to our drop-off centers listed here:


Thank you very much! 🙂

ANNOUNCEMENTS: To all those who came to “Shine” Benefit…

Thank you very much for coming and showing support for Typhoon Ondoy victims!

Thanks also to the organizers and to the very talented young performers of this wonderful fundraising event! And it’s all for a good cause! Great job, everyone! &=)

We are also glad to announce that we have raised $301.01 (from the benefit alone)!

Again, all proceeds will go to the relief efforts of Migrante International. Please find all updates on donations here: https://bayanihan4ondoy.wordpress.com/category/donations/

For updates, photos, videos, other upcoming events, and more, kindly check the website: https://bayanihan4ondoy.wordpress.com

Mabuhay tayong lahat! Serve the people!

Bayanihan Typhoon Ondoy Disaster Relief Team,
National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) &
SanDiwa National Alliance of Fil-Am Youth

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Contacting Family Members

Dear Kababayan

It is great news to know that MIGRANTE International are also making all efforts in finding ways for the migrants all over the world to contact their relatives. Many migrants are unable to get a hold of their loved ones back in the Philippines. If you are currently having difficulty getting a hold of your loved ones, please send us their names at sandiwa.national@gmail.com and we will immediately report it back to the Philippines to help efforts not only in rebuilding spirits and the nation but also relationships through simple communication and verification of safety and condition.

Anne Beryl Corotan